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Performance of due diligences in all practice areas of our firm for the assessment of the existing legal, regulatory, financial and tax/accounting position of companies.

From a tax standpoint, due diligence mainly refers to the ascertainment of possible contingencies, by verifying tax /ac count ing rout ines and compliance with main and ancillary tax liabilities, including the assessment of judicial and/or administ rat ive proceedings involving companies as plaintiffs or defendants.

In the corporate, contractual and real estate areas, this audit aims at analyzing all acts out by companies and their partners/shareholders, in order to allow assessment of the rights and obligations incurred, as well as their enforceability and effectiveness under the formal and material aspects.

As to labor and social security matters, due diligence is also addressed at the ascertainent of possible contingencies, by means of a review of labor, social security and human resources routines, including the assessment of judicial and/or administrative proceedings involving companies as plaintiffs or defendants.

In the administrative law area, due diligence mainly aims at identifying the obligations and rights arising from administrative contracts in order to ensure compliance with such contracts - for this purpose, all interact ions wi th the federal government are assessed insurance permits determination of penalties conduct adjustment commitments interventions and others).

As regards environmental law, the audit is exclusively regulatory and aims at assessing company compliance with the required licenses and certificates, as well as identifying possible contingencies arising from administ rat ive and/or judicial proceedings.