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Advice on tax law issues in general, including all federal, state and municipal taxes levied on the operations of companies and their assets.

Assessment of tax impacts to transactions carried out by companies, and advice on the use of tax credits and compliance with main and ancillary tax liabilities, also regarding their accounting effects.

Assistance in structuring and restructuring business operations, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other forms of business association, asset deals, sales of commercial establishments and/or lines of business, corporate reorganizations and transfer pricing rules, always aiming at lawful tax efficiencies and toprevent contingencies.

Performance of tax-related procedure reviews.

Follow-up and advisory for compliance with federal, state and municipal tax-related inspections.

Judicial tax litigation, including before the Federal Supreme Court and the Superior Court of Justice, in proceedings questioning tax liabilities or aiming at the recovery of unduly paid taxes.

Administrative tax litigation at the federal, state and municipal levels before the relevant administrative courts, such as the Taxpayers’ Councils of the Finance Ministry in proceedings related to defenses against tax assessments as well a proceedings related to refund, reimbursement and offsetting of taxes.

Consulting and assistance in litigation matters related to the development and analysis of the legal grounds for questioning and recovery of federal, state, and municipal taxes, also regarding existing evidence in each proceeding, case law and the cost effectiveness of administrative and judicial claims.